Do you believe that your computer is protected against virus, spyware, phishing, attacks? Think again: Can you localize the security software in your computer? Have you updated those security programs?

–87 percent of Americans said they had anti- virus software

–73 percent said they had a firewall

–70 percent said they had anti-spyware software

But, when it comes to who has activated the security software and who updates them, the results of the McAfee poll are scary: More than a half of Americans fail the test scan. They did not activate the security programs and they did not update them.

October is the month of Cyber Awarness. Stay safe following these steps:

–Check your computer and localize your security software.

–Learn how to activate them and how to set them to download automatic updates.

–Be sure that at least once a week, you scan your computer (antivirus, antispyware).

–Learn how to set the antiphishing feature in your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc) or buy a security suite with all of the following protection included: antivirus, antispyware, firewall, antiphishing, and real-time e-mail security.

–Remember this: Do not open an e-mail from any stranger. Do not click in any link sent by e-mail from strangers, do not fill any form with your personal data in any website reached by clicking a link from an e-mail. Do not open any attachment from people you don’t know.

Good luck! :-)


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