This is a service that helps some of us in the middle of a wrong delivery and offer the possibility to intercept the package sent.

According to the UPS website, UPS Delivery InterceptSM:

Have you ever sent a package and wished you could get it back before it was delivered? Or sent an important document to the wrong place? It happens all the time.

That’s why we offer UPS Delivery InterceptSM. You’re in control – even after the package has left your hands. The process is quick and simple. You can make the request to intercept your package at any time, using your automated UPS shipping or tracking system. UPS then intercepts your package on the day of scheduled delivery. With UPS Delivery Intercept, you can:

Return the shipment to you
Redirect the package to another address
Hold for pickup or future delivery

Take note of UPS Delivery InterceptSM and enjoy!