Los dos ‘boards’, el ‘comprado’ Dow Jones y el ‘comprador’ News Corp. aprueban la venta. Comenté de esto aquí, aquí, aquí. Además, el universo de la información ‘sigue sonando campanas’ delicadas. Más aquí, aquí y aquí para hispanos. Dentro del comprado, pues está el The Wall Street Journal, leído por casi mundo y medio , y por años, orgullo americano. ¿El comprador, el dueño de MySpacey medio mundo digital, periódicos, cadenas de TV y sumen: Rupert Murdoch.

De Market Watch:

It also culminates nearly four months of negotiations, with active talks going on for the last three. Murdoch planned to use Journal content to jump-start his planned Fox Business Channel on cable television.

The family had been pressed to accept the deal by its board. Chief Executive Richard Zannino had urged the family to sell. But at least one board member, Dieter Von Holtzbrinck, resigned in protest over the decision from fellow directors and cited concerns about Murdoch’s management style. “I cannot prove that my worries are right,” Von Holtzbrinck wrote in a letter to the board. “I do not believe that the ‘special committee’ can finally prevent Murdoch from doing what he wants to do, from acting his way.”

Por su parte, The Guardian especifica los posibles planes (¿inmediatos?) de Murdoch:
Murdoch clinches $5bn Dow takeover

With 7,400 employees, the Dow Jones empire stretches to news wires and to magazines – such as the business periodical Barron’s. Mr Murdoch has told interviewers that he sees business journalism as a premium product for which readers will continue to pay a fee, in an era when mainstream newspapers migrate to free-of-charge access on the internet.The editor of the Times, Robert Thomson, has been tipped for a senior role at the Journal. Mr Murdoch is keen to use the paper’s content to bolster his Fox Business Channel, which begins broadcasting in October to rival CNBC and Bloomberg. Experts believe Mr Murdoch will use Dow Jones’ network of Asian bureaux to ratchet up its media operation in China.The Dow Jones package
Consumer Media Group:
–Wall Street Journal
–Wall Street Journal Online
–Wall Street
–Journal Europe
–Wall Street Journal Asia
–Wall Street Journal Radio Network
–Barron’s. weekly finance magazine
–MarketWatch, online finance news
–Far Eastern Economic Review, monthly published in Hong Kong
Enterprise Media Group:
–Dow Jones newswires
–Factiva newspaper archive
–Dow Jones Indexes, data operation compiling DJ US stock index

Local Media Group:
–US daily and weekly newspapers under Ottaway brand

Strategic alliances:
–SmartMoney. personal finance magazine, joint venture with Hearst Corp
Vedomosti [Record], Russian business paper, joint venture of Dow Jones, Pearson. and Independent Media