Las listas de los mejores productos comienzaron a publicarse en Internet desde el mes pasado. PC World sacó la suya el 21 de mayo, 2007: ‘The 100 Best Products of 2007’. La lista incluye desde las mejores e innovativas aplicaciones online, procesadores, TV de alta definición (HDTVs), consolas de juego, software, hardware y servicios.

Yo les dejo una lista con todos los gratuitos. Pero vayan a PC World por los demás. Incluyo solamente tres ‘premiados’ que no son gratuitos:

Google Applications Premier Edition cuesta $50 anual, pero Google Apps tiene el Estándar Edition (Free) y el Educational Edition (Free)
Skype (telefonía IP muy barato)
Check Point Software ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite (por aprox. $50-$70, incluye antivirus, antispyware, firewall, e-mail protection, identity protection, protection Instant Messages (IM) y Parental Control).

Aquí va todo lo gratuito de la lista de PC World:

1. Google Apps Premier Edition
(Web applications; $50 per user per year) Google is much more than just a search engine, and with its invaluable Google Apps suite, the company is well on its way to challenging Microsoft for productivity-suite supremacy. Google’s Docs & Spreadsheets (soon to be joined by a PowerPoint-esque presentation application) already makes for an interesting alternative to Microsoft Office. Combine it with Gmail, Google Talk, and Google Calendar, and suddenly nearly all of your basic productivity programs and data can be available online…

15. McAfee SiteAdvisor (security software; free) The free version of SiteAdvisor can warn you away from spyware, adware, or phishing sites before you visit them, giving you some peace of mind during your Web surfing.

16. Ubuntu 7.04
(operating system; free) Fast and friendly, Ubuntu has solidified itself as the one Linux distribution that Linux geeks love and newbies can comfortably use. Even Dell turned to the 7.04 version of Ubuntu when it announced its intention to preload some systems with Linux.

(digital music site; free) Sadly, the current scrap over Internet-radio royalty payments may turn this award into a eulogy for Pandora, a nifty Internet radio service that learns your preferences and plays songs you’ve never heard but will probably like.

(image editing software; free) This open-source photo editing application packs tons of muscle into a measly 1.3MB download that doesn’t cost a dime. Impressive.

21. SightSpeed 6 (videoconferencing software; free) The best videoconferencing app we’ve tested improved further in version 6 with a tabbed interface for contacts. Even better: SightSpeed is still free.

22. Kayak (travel site; free) This travel search engine consistently digs up the best deals on airfare, hotels, and rentals by searching though a vast range of sites and databases.

27. Yahoo Mail Beta (Web-based e-mail; free) Its Ajax interface makes it the closest yet to Outlook in your browser–without the security holes.

30. Zoho (office suite; free) Integration gives Google’s online office suite the overall edge, but the polished interface of Zoho’s offering has its fans. Zoho Writer is particularly good.

31. Gmail (Web-based e-mail service; free) Whether in storage capacity, searchability, or raw speed, Google’s Gmail feels like e-mail without limits.

34. YouTube (video site; free) Is there a better way to waste time on the Web? If so, we haven’t found it. We’ll keep looking after we watch just one more video.

35. Mozilla Firefox 2 (Web browser; free) Sure, Microsoft eventually did some nice things with IE 7, but why even bother with that browser if you don’t have to? Firefox is secure, free, and always improving.

36. Google Picasa (image editor; free) Google’s no-cost app makes organizing, renaming, and sharing photos as easy as…well, a Google search.
Nota NGTecno: Picasa Web, otra opción online sin bajar el software:

38. Skype 3 (VoIP software/service; unlimited calling, $68 per year) Though Skype may not replace a landline, the service makes VoIP calling easy–and cheap.

43. AVS Forum (Web forum; free) You’ll find the best info on all things home entertainment–from the latest HD sets and players to cable-quality myths–at this revered Web forum.

44. Flickr (photo-sharing site; free) Yahoo’s photo-sharing site is fun and fast by itself–but all the little apps that are built around Flickr make it one of the best services available.

53. Google Maps for Mobile (mapping service; free) Need directions on the go? Try bringing the power of Google Maps to your mobile phone.

58. (community-based news Web site; free) Whether it’s political debates, hot new software, or other sites such as ICanHasCheezburger, keeps you plugged in to whatever’s hot on the Web at the moment.

61. Apple iTunes (digital music software; free) Even without the continually expanding iTunes store, Apple’s music-management application would be one of the best around.

68. (Web-based classified ads; free) From housing and jobs to personals and free stuff, you can find almost anything on Craigslist.

69. (consumer Web site; free) The venerable advocacy organization is still tirelessly looking out for Joe and Jane Consumer.

74. Meebo (instant messaging; free) If you’ve ever traveled without a notebook, you’ll appreciate Meebo. Log in, and you have access to all your IM contacts in a neat little Web-based app–no installation required.

75. Process Explorer (Nota NGTecno: ver aquí)
(system utility; free) Like Task Manager on steroids, Process Explorer shows you exactly what’s running on your system in minute detail.

80. Netvibes (customizable home page; free) Construct your very own home page with as much or as little of the Net as you like. You can even add e-mail and calendar modules.

81. TripAdvisor (travel community site; free) The granddaddy of travel community sites, TripAdvisor is unequaled in the breadth and depth of its hotel reviews and in its forums, where you invariably find users who can answer the most specific destination questions.

83. Avira AntiVir Personal Edition Classic (antivirus software; free) One of the few good, free antivirus applications left, Avira’s AntiVir is perfect for troubleshooting a dodgy system.

84. (community Web site; free) Marc Andreesen’s latest venture lets you quickly build MySpace-like community sites focused around whatever interests you have.

85. Check Point Software ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite (security software; $50) This utility bundles a Kaspersky antivirus engine with the inimitable ZoneAlarm firewall.

87. (security Web site; free) This site is a great resource if you suspect your antivirus software has fallen short. Upload a file, and VirusTotal runs it through 32 antivirus engines.

88. Flurry (mobile e-mail; free) Even people who don’t own a PDA phone sometimes need a quick e-mail fix. Flurry provides it, via an easy-to-set-up Java app that runs on most recent phones and works like a charm.

91. Microsoft Windows Media Player 11 (digital music software; free) Microsoft added album-art matching, tossed in improved searching capabilities, and introduced a completely redesigned interface to this version of Media Player. The result: a media manager you’ll actually want to use.

93. Audacity (audio editing; free) Another free-software triumph, Audacity is where it’s at for quick-and-dirty manipulation of audio files.

94. Congoo (Web news/information service; free) On this specialized news site, you can search and read content that’s normally locked away behind a paid-subscription wall.

95. Adblock Plus (browser plug-in; free) Tired of slow page loads and flashing Web ads? AdBlock Plus (for Mozilla-based browsers such as Firefox) can speed up and clean up your surfing.

Last Updated: July, 29, 2007