¿Do you have a blog and need a backup? Here you have two services: First, BackupMyBlog and BlogBackupOnline. BackupMyBlog is free, as it website states, only works ‘if you have rights to install scripts on your blog server’. Also, with ‘your blog hosted on a public server’ or ‘uses MySQL as its database backend, needs to support PHP version 4.3.0 or later’.

Cons and pros: Offers 10 MB of backup space and each backup is compressed so 10 MB is a lot of space if you don’t have playing around for a long time and have a veteran blog.

Second Free service: BlogBackupOnline offers free 50MB of space… but I’m not sure if is compressed or not.

Update 1: May 27, 2007._ Today, I receive and e-mail from Adam Steinberg (BlogBackupOnline) with some relevant clarifications:

“…no, we don’t compress the backups at all. However, 50mb is plenty of space to back up an entire blog, unless your blog has hundreds and hundreds of pictures. We do back up the pictures in your blog (although this can be disabled), and we will soon be adding support for videos.”“…If you ever need to restore your blog, you simply point BlogBackupOnline to the web address where you want to restore your blog, input your account details, and the restore is performed. You can also use this to transfer your blog from say, Blogger to WordPress. There are a few other nice features as well, and it’s all completely free.”

Emphasis mine. So, nice. Thanks to Adam for this info. I just add that also, there is an Spanish version of BlogBackupOnline. Great!